Orbital Offence Mobile ALPHA V0.99 Download + Hafnium Games SUBREDDIT

Hey everyone, So after being delayed an entire year, finally a working version has been finished. You can download it at http://www.mediafire.com/file/h0vg61h5tpplhk4/OrbitalOffenceAlpha099.apk/file

This APK will only work on android phones remember!

Please remember this is an alpha and not representative of the final product, it does have a lot of bugs and unfinished features, so be aware of that and know we are still working to change a lot of the content in the game so far!

Please feel free to give feedback on the new Hafnium Games subreddit at reddit.com/r/HafniumGames

Thanks again for patience while waiting for this released, and please stay tuned for the full release, no dates confirmed yet!

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